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Pam Chambers

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Professional Public Speaker
Pam Chambers
Pam Chambers, leading public speaking coach

Public speaking coach Pam Chambers is known as Hawaii’s Presentation Coach. Since 1985, she has helped thousands of people become better communicators – whether they speak to one person, to small groups, or to large audiences. Pam used to be “the shyest girl in the world,” and avoided standing out in any way. But years later, she was propelled into the limelight when she accepted a position as a sales manager for a seminar company in San Francisco. She then put herself through the challenging and rewarding process of becoming a public speaking coach. And now she teaches others to speak out.

Public speaking coach Pam helps a wide array of clients – business owners, entertainers, contractors, attorneys, bankers, CEOs, and teenagers – people from all walks of life. She was especially honored to be the head speech coach for TEDxHonolulu in 2012.

You can request a variety of in-house training programs, presentation skills classes open to the public, one-on-one coaching, and keynote speeches.

Public speaking coach Pam Chambers is the author of Speak for Yourself, Stand & Deliver, and Life is a Presentation. Her book, Public Speaking Made Easy, made the bestseller list in Hawaii. She was named by Honolulu Magazine as one of Hawaii’s 10 Most Admired Women.

Pam’s style is interactive, entertaining, and practical. She knows how to bring out the best in her audiences, and she is praised for her “wise and cheerful lessons.”

Let public speaking coach Pam Chambers bring out the best in your audience!

Public Speaking

On a personal note . . .

I remember the day, long ago in second grade, when I decided that speaking in front of my class wasn’t a fun or safe thing to do. I stayed “behind the scenes” for much of my life, not speaking out, not taking leadership roles, not participating in school plays. 

In my mid-twenties, I took a job with a seminar company and was expected to promote the seminar to groups as large as 300. Gulp! But because of my strong belief in the seminar, my commitment to communicate effectively became bigger than my desire for safety and comfort. I decided to get good at it! That’s the short story.

Since 1985, I’ve had the privilege of coaching thousands of people in the art of successful presentation skills. I believe that with the proper attitudes and tools, anyone can become an effective presenter.

You can attend one of my classes, you can hire me to conduct in-house sessions, or you can request personal coaching. 

Whichever path you choose, you can throw away your “crutches” and walk with confidence to the front of the room!

Aloha, Pam

Public Speaking



Often, one-on-one sessions are the best option for you. Here are some situations in which personal coaching is the answer.

You might want to:

  • Craft a compelling presentation
  • Present a winning sales presentation
  • Get the promotion
  • Ace the job interview
  • Finally have “that conversation” for the benefit of all




You are a leader, but you dread public speaking. Or maybe you’re okay with public speaking, but you know you could be more captivating, persuasive, and compelling. 

Here are some testimonials from people who have taken Pam’s PRESENTATION SKILLS COURSE:

  • “You will learn logical tips you’ve never heard before.”
  • “She tells it like it is and you’ll love her for it.”
  • “She gives you truthful feedback in a way that makes you feel good about yourself.”
  • “The time flies by! I never thought I’d laugh so much.”




If you are interested in any of the following workshop topics for your organization, please contact me by phone (808-294-2910) or by email. I will ask you a few questions and create a plan of action for your approval. You may also request a topic not listed here and I’ll do my best to accommodate.

  • How to Give a Presentation Tomorrow and Sleep Well Tonight
  • Harmonize your Instruments for Powerful Communication
  • Feedback: The Breakfast of Champions
  • “Not This Again!”: Eighteen Challenges Hawaii’s Leaders Face and How to Rise Above Them
  • Your Customers: Take Them from Satisfied to Loyal
  • Networking Events: Meet These Three People
  • From E-Mail to Proposals . . . Be a More Confident Writer
  • Dining Etiquette Made Easy
  • What Everyone Needs to Know About Business Etiquette



Professional Public Speaker
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