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The Pam Chambers Presentation Course

Professional Public Speaker

At 67 years old, I am finally discovering my full potential as a naturalist, innovator, businessman, and parent. Thank you, Pam, for your strength, courage, compassion, wisdom, endless energy, and patience in teaching your practical communication tools.”

~ Joe Correa, CEO, Shoreline Restoration of Hawaii, LLC

“I avoided public speaking like the Plague, until I took Pam’s Level 1 course. That’s where I got the first of her many tips that have transformed my attitude. Now, instead of feeling like a panicky exile up there, I feel like a confident leader.”

~ Patricia Waiwood, Quantitative Rist Analyst

“Thank you for sharing your life’s purpose and being such a delightful  teacher. As a result of taking your course, I feel more confident and empowered and I thank you for helping me further my professional development.”

~ Bethany Zedalis, IIDA

Five weekly two-hour sessions

AIA Honolulu, 828 Fort Street Mall


Contact Pam for dates of the next course.
Includes Pam’s e-book, Life is a Presentation, and her latest book, “Now You Tell Me!”  Speaking in front of groups is many people’s biggest fear for good reason. The minute you separate yourself from the herd, you are vulnerable to assessment and evaluation. But all professional people are expected to stand and deliver. Learn how!
This course will give you the tools to:
  • Create an effective mindset for speaking success
  • Manage pre-presentation jitters
  • Use compelling body language, voice, words, and image
  • Get your audience to help you carry the load
  • Manage distracting audience behavior
  • Give and receive valuable feedback in a supportive setting

Space is limited to ten participants and classes fill up fast. To confirm your seat, please contact Pam by phone, text, or e-mail.