The Pam Chambers Presentation Course

Through a combination of discussion, demonstration, practice, and feedback, we 

will address the following in five 2-hour sessions for a maximum of ten



Session One

  • Effective communication: body language, voice, content, and image
  • Three attributes that will win over your audience
  • Handling pre-presentation jitters
  • One-minute presentation by each participant followed by feedback


Session Two

  • Understanding The Ten Keys to Freedom of Speech
  • Image fine-tuning


Session Three

  • When, why, and how to get your audience involved
  • How to use four types of questions to stimulate interaction
  • Practice


Session Four

  • How to master the Q/A period
  • How to manage distracting audience behavior


Session Five

  • 5-minute presentation by each participant followed by feedback
  • Individual call for action


Includes Pam's digital book, Life is a Presentation, for each participant.