The Disappearing Audience

    Nearly 200 women showed up at Honolulu's biggest department store to attend a presentation given by a major cosmetics company. Lets call the presenter Jean-Marc. Jean-Marc had flown in from New York to promote the new spring line of products (and to sell them).

    Toward the end of a compelling presentation, Jean-Marc began to take questions from the audience. One woman wondered which color palette would suit her coloring. He walked over to her and the two of them had a cozy chat. The next question was from a woman who wanted to know about hair color. Again, Jean-Marc walked over and conducted a private consultation.

    By this time, the message was clear: The presentation was over. People began to gather their belongings and say their good-byes. The quick-witted store manager saw her potential sales disappearing and took center stage.

    "Ladies, please take your seats. We're about to offer door prizes and an all-paid trip to New York. You must be present to win!" She saved the day.

    Get the point? When you answer questions, include everyone. Jean-Marc should have said, "This lady is asking about our line of products for those of you with olive skin tones. Here is what we have for you . . ."


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