• What Were You Doing at 16?

    Meet Sean Talbert. He is a home-schooled sixteen-year-old who voluntarily enrolled in my public speaking class. The other students—adults in the business world—were mightily impressed by his courage and commitment to himself. Everyone said things like, “When I was 16, I would never have taken a class like this.” 

    When I was his age, I could hardly stand being around adults. Even more appalling would have been the thought of speaking in front of them, and then standing at attention to receive their critique!

    Sean was curious and responsive throughout the series. We all admired and adored him. 

    After he graduated, he went on to write a Google review of my class, saying that the course “saved his life” from being forever crippled by his fear of public speaking. Now, he has “the confidence to speak to any group at any time.”

    I intend to stay in touch with this fine young man because he is going places and I don’t want to miss a minute of it!