• Think You Own It? Think Again!

    This event happened over twenty years ago and I doubt anyone would remember his real name, but let’s call him “Alan.” Alan was the creator  (and as I found out later, the administrator) of my website.

    We placed my headshot on the home page, but it didn’t have a caption. I was taught that every photo should have a caption, so I asked Alan to add, “Pam Chambers, public speaker," which he did promptly. 

    A few weeks later, Alan died instantly in a senseless and tragic accident. 

    Several days later, I got a phone call: “You were recommended as a good source of presentation skills coaching. I went to your website and there is an awkward error on your home page.” I kept him on the phone while I dashed to my computer. "Error? What error?!" “Look at the caption under your photo.” 

    Pam Chambers, Pubic Speaker.


    I thanked him sincerely and immediately contacted my hosting company. They explained that since Alan was the administrator, the request to change “pubic” to “public" would have to come from him. I explained that he was deceased. I begged and almost cried, but they wouldn’t budge. 

    Alan’s family is French Canadian. His older brother had to manage Alan’s estate from afar, with limited English skills. My puny missing “l” was the least of his problems. 

    It took nine weeks for me to obtain a death certificate and gain control of my website. 

    Moral of the story: Be sure YOU are the administrator of your website! All of Alan’s clients learned this the hard way. And the sad way.