• Own the Room!

    Here, am I running away from the room? No, I’m using body language to make a point about using the entire space. 

    We don’t want to merely survive our next presentation. We want to own the room!

    • Walk to the front as though you “own the joint.”
    • Have zero doubt about your credentials. 
    • Communicate your expectations.
    • Gently but firmly reinforce any boundaries you set. 
    • If there are experts in the room, use them. 
    • Get your audience involved from the get-go.
    • Laugh at yourself. 
    • Be vulnerable when that would put others at ease.
    • Be aware of any distractions and quell them. 

    As the speaker, you are the steward of the space. You must manage and nourish the space, for the benefit of all.