Making S*%# Up

    She doesn’t return your phone call. He doesn’t respond to your e-mail. She glances away from you when you try to make eye contact. 

    And now, as my friend Susan put it, you “make s*%# up.” She must be mad at me. I must have offended him. She wants to avoid me. 

    This is normal. When there is a void, our mind needs to fill it. Unfortunately, we usually fill it with s*%#.

    We would be happier if we could automatically think, “She must be busy,” or, “Maybe my e-mail landed in his junk mail,” or, “She must have a lot on his mind.” 

    I have found that more than 90% of the time, the s*%# I made up turned out to not be true. Not even close. 

    Give everyone some slack. It's probably not personal.



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