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    What Were You Doing at 16?

    Words Matter

    Knock on Someone’s Door and Apologize

    Make your Audience your Alternator

    Making S*%# Up

    “Please Hold your Questions ‘Til the End.”

    They Don’t Want to Be There

    What Makes a Great Thank-You Note?

    Think you Own It? Think Again!

    Some Privacy, Please?

    Competing with a Trashcan

    Showing Up at the Wrong Place

    She was Cramping my Style

    Waiting for People who Are Tardy

    I Called a Her a Him

    Please, Earth! Swallow Me Whole!

    The Disappearing Audience

    Should you Eat Prior to Speaking?

    Being Handed a Germy Microphone

    A New Rule in My Classroom

    Skeptical People in your Audience

    The Life-Changing Power of “Thank You”

    Don’t Be Honest About These Two Things

    Create a Recognizable Brand

    Do you Believe in Magic?

    Show Respect and End on Time

    Choose the Right Channel

    When Did you Say “No Way” to Public Speaking?

    Could you Stand Alone?

    The Crucial First Five Seconds

    Pack Lightly

    “I Didn’t Have a Chance”

    Is “Busy” Good?

    Nix the Chips!

    Steve Jobs Against PowerPoint

    Leave Better than How they Arrived

    Annoying Habits to Avoid

    Mastering the Q&A

    Stage Fright is Natural

    Draw your Talk

    Create Us-ness

    “Hoping for Heckling”

    Remove the Empty Chair

    Text During the Break, Please

    Speaking at a Lunch Event? Beware!



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